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About Our Prototypes

C-Quest Innovations is here to help your dream come true. If you have an idea for the next big product but are lacking technical knowledge, talk to us. We can help you figure out exactly what you want for your idea, and how to make the most from it. If you have a project ready to go but it hasn't survived the critical test phase, contact us. With qualified CNC operators, programmers and visual artists on staff, we can design, build, break, re-design, re-build and perfect your project to be somthing we can all be proud of.

C-Quest Innovations is always creating and building new prototypes. Look below to see more about our completed projects, and check back for more updates!


When using the Rover, you are given the choice of running it with a tether, or radio controlled. The rover unit was developed with the idea of off the shelf parts, and ease of use. This rover has many functions, from searching pipes for cracks and leaks, or exploring areas that are too dangerous to send humans. If you are interested in one of these units please contact us.

· 40 minute constant run time

·100 ft tether, but can be extended

· Inclinometer for angle orientation

· Twin battery and motor system